We have no practice on Wednesday because the Y will be closed, but if you want to come and push the puck at Lucky’s before the party show up at 4pm at his house.  6645 Lake Cane Drive. Map

Come push the puck at 4pm before Lucky’s 4th of July party. All YCF UWH players are invited with family and friends to the party.

Party at Lucky’s 5PM July 4h.  We will have plenty of gator meat grilled.  If this is not enticing then you can bring whatever you want to throw on the grill.  Please bring a side dish to share.  We will have lemonade and water but if you want something else to drink then bring that.  There will be a slip n slide water slide.  We will have a plunge in the pool for money (kids only) around 6pm.

Water volley ball for adults.  If you want to try out underwater hockey then show up early at 4pm and we will have some underwater hockey players pushing the puck before the party.  Bring family and friends.  If folks want to bring fireworks that’s fine but we shoot them off at the same time (around 9pm) with adult supervision only.

Don’t forget MIDNIGHT SWIM Tuesday July 3rd .  Movie starts at 10 pm (bring your own drinks)  Zombie Walk into and out of the lake 11:45 (Bring old Tattered Clothes) Midnight swim 12pm.

Lake swim 7:45AM on July 4th