Our club will be hosting the Atlantic Coastal Underwater Hockey Championships in April.  This is very exciting news.  We are hammering out the details and as soon as the organization structure is complete I will let everyone know how they can help out.  It is our hope that if we run a good ACC championships we might be in consideration for a National Championships host site in the future.

Mauricio did Lucky’s Lake swim for the first time with his wife this Saturday. Over half our UWH club has done the swim. Shouldn’t you be next?

Red and Gold Sticks.  For those that are unclear on the RED and GOLD sticks these are for newbies and young players (Sorry Jake and Fred you are both way too good to count as young players).  The idea is that you can’t steal from a red/gold stick as long as the puck is in contact with the stick.  If a red/gold stick gets in contact with the puck that you are pushing you must relinquish the puck as well. After a person with a red/gold stick has scored one goal in the game then you may block them in the future  if they are within 3 meters of the goal. You may not steal unless they pass or leave the puck only block in this circumstance. We appreciate everyone adhering to this rule, it makes our team much more inviting to new players and allows us to grow.  I realize in the heat of play there may be an accidental steal or two on a red or gold we won’t beat you up if this happens.