Sticks up everyone!

As you may already know, ACC’s will be held in Orlando FL, on the weekend ofApril 13 – 14th 2013, and possibly Friday evening we’ll have a Ref clinic.

The Central Florida YMCA in Orlando has a wonderful indoor pool that will host two playing courts and warm up lanes.
On Sat night, Doc Lucky will host an outdoor BBQ at his estate.

The BBQ fee is included with registration!!

Early registration is $800/team (up to 12 players only 10 may suit up for each game) postmarked by Feb 13th. Late registration will be $900. Individuals: 80 dollars early registration, $90 late registration.
We have slots up to 16 teams: 8 A division and 8 B division.

More info on how to register, t-shirts and payment to follow soon. still working out details…
See you underwater!
Orlando UWH
Tapan Bhatt 1:33pm Dec 2
San Francisco Underwater hockey team has a nice website, here’s a link to a great article, Most of it is basic but some parts are good, specifically the parts about the roles of each player in a 3-3 formation like we play sometimes. A good read definetely.