Okay so everyone was wondering what the surprise was on friday, so for those poor souls that couldn’t attend practice we’ll now let you know.  Lucky brought in his Flick measurement record device.  So now we are going to be keeping official team records for longest distance for flicks.  We will also have an entry for the pool record (open to all registered UWH players), which will be displayed on the YMCA Aquatic center’s main record board which gets installed in February. I believe this is the only pool record board in the country that has an underwater hockey listing.  You can check out our team records here.  You can also read our official rules for a flick off here. The team records listing is a bit thin because only a couple of folks made attempts on friday (Sorry Dave and Tap I know you guys flicked but I didn’t get the distance – we’ll do it again next week). So right now Ariel and Amy have our current pool records with flicks of 8’7” and 3’1” respectively. Someone asked why do “Flick offs” only on Friday when we have more folks show on Wednesdays?” Well the answer is in the question. We want more folks showing up on Fridays. We will give visiting players a shot at the pool record on Wednesdays, but visitors cannot set team records.

We want to continue to have great turnouts on wednesdays, but I hope to see a lot of folks next friday for a big flick off, before we start scrimmaging.

I am make several changes to the blog format so my apologies if the blog looks different every time it is updated.

Lucky’s Flick measuring device.  The only one of its kind.

Lucky’s Flick measuring device. The only one of its kind.

If you are not sure how to do a flick, you can watch Lucky’s training video here.  It already has over 1000 views!
See you underwater!