We had a great scrimmage on Wednesday, but the numbers were a bit thin.  Hopefully we can get a nice crew out for tonight.  We have not seen some of our regulars for awhile, so just a reminder we are still playing and want to see you all back underwater. I not going to be calling out any names yet, but if that’s what it takes we might have to start some trash talk.

BTW we had one UWH teammate help out as a zombie for our commercial we filmed for the Zombie Survival Store – view the commercial here.  See if you can pick her out from the horde!  Four of the zombie cause actors are UWH players and the producer of the segment Jerry Rose has also played with us.  I will be needing more zombies this summer for another film.  If you are interested please sign up for email updates for the Zombie Cause blog as we will be posting zombie casting calls there.