About Orlando Underwater Hockey

Orlando Under Water Hockey officially started at the now Rosen Aquatic Center – Orlando, Florida on January 7th, 2011.  Two of our current and still active team leaders, Ariel Czesler and Lucky Meisenheimer combined forces to make this happen.  Underwater hockey is an internationally recognized sport that has been played since being originated in 1954 in England.  It is a limited contact sport that is played co-ed in our club and has both national and world championships. Many of our players go on to compete in tournament competitions.  Please join our Facebook Group Orlando Underwater Hockey to ask questions and to keep involved with the club.

We always welcome new members and if you don’t have equipment come on out anyway as we have plenty of loaner gear. You should feel comfortable swimming to the bottom of a 7 foot deep pool (that’s where the sport is played) and know how to use a dive mask, snorkel and fins.  You don’t have to be an extremely skilled or fast swimmer to play underwater hockey. Don’t wait “to get in shape” before you try it.  You get in shape for underwater hockey by playing underwater hockey. We have no age limits to play with our club but most of our players are between the ages of 12 and 65. We have a number of parent/children combination players.

We play every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  We rarely ever have a cancelled practice, and if we do cancellations will be posted on our underwater hockey Facebook page.

Here are some  informational links to help you get started!

Our Facebook Page
Our Meet up Page

Gear for new players

Videos about our club
Our team promo video from 2011
Our second promo video
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