Welcome to Orlando Underwater Hockey

Okay, all you swimmers, divers, water polo players and aquatics enthusiasts come and join us for underwater hockey at the Rosen Aquatic Center on I-Drive Orlando (407 996 3444) We play Mondays and Wednesdays nights at 7:00PM. It is free to play. The team is co-ed, and no experience is necessary. 

Nobody grows up learning how to play underwater hockey. We will teach you. If you can swim down to the bottom of the pool (7 feet), you can learn to play. Don’t worry about the equipment; we have loaner gear.
If you have a mask, snorkel, and fins, bring them; no problem if you don’t; we will provide them as well as sticks, gloves, caps, and instruction. Don’t use the excuse; “I will try it when I get in shape”. Learning to play is the only way to get in shape for underwater hockey.
Always check our facebook page for any cancellations of practice before you come (The Rosen Aquatic Center sometimes hosts large competitions that preclude regular programing at the facility). Click here for current updates.


Click Here for latest practice updates and possible cancellations this takes you to our facebook page which is current.


A brief history of underwater hockey

Underwater hockey (UWH) was originally known as “octopush,” the game was invented in Great Britain in 1954 to keep dive club members active during the winter. Many modifications occurred over the decades, developing underwater hockey, a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and governed by the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). 

Underwater hockey is an international sport, with over 36 countries having fielded teams in the world championships since 1980. UWH World Championships occur every two to four years and have Men’s and Women’s divisions and Master’s (35 and above) Junior divisions (19u and 23 and under). Underwater hockey was introduced to the United States in 1970, and there are now 60 club teams. In addition, annual USA national championships have occurred for over four decades.

Orlando Underwater Hockey was founded on January 7th, 2011, at the now Rosen Aquatic Center through the efforts of Ariel Czesler and Lucky Meisenheimer. Since that time, the team has grown rapidly in recognition within the sport. Our team won two state championships in 2019 and 2021. We sent teams to National Championships with a fifth-place finish at nationals in 2019. We have had three players selected for our National team who represented the USA in the world championships held in Spain. Our club has hosted multiple tournaments in the past, including Nationals, Regionals, State championships, potlucks, and the annual Doc Lucky Invitational. We are perhaps best known for welcoming and developing new players for the sport.

Monday and Wednesday 7:00PM at the Rosen Aquatic Center Orlando 407-996-3444

Mon-Wed-Friday Nights 7:30PM at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center Orlando 407-363-1911

Monday and Friday Nights 7:00PM at the Rosen Aquatic Center Orlando 407-996-3444

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Holiday Practice schedule

Here are the dates of the remaining practices this year. Friday Dec 13 (This should be a good practice as I have already six people confirming) Wednesday Dec 18 Friday Dec 20th Wednesday Dec 25th (Christmas) NO PRACTICE Friday Dec 27th Wednesday Jan 1st NO PRACTICE We...

WESH TV and more.

WESH TV will be doing a story on our underwater hockey club in January.  I will post more details when they tell me the exact day. There is a new underwater hockey forum that folks might be interest in. Check it out. http://www.underwaterhockeyforum.com If you have...

Underwater Hockey Gear for New Players

I thought I would take a moment to address equipment for new players.  I don’t profess to be an expert on underwater hockey gear (yo-yos yes, zombies yes, UWH gear no), but I have had the opportunity to waste a lot of money on gear, and you can profit from my...

Practice, Practice, Practice

New faces and good turnouts for the last several practices.  Last Friday was the thinest we have had with 4 on 5.  But, it turned out great with lots of drops and good passing. We hope to see everyone on wednesday. A couple of new swimmers were asking about "the...

Workout with Lucky Tuesday 5pm !

For anyone interested I will be doing an UWH workout Tuesday 8/27/13 at my house 5pm.  Think of this as a warm-up for Wednesday's practice. A good opportunity to work on some skills.      

FOX 35 to film next wednesday

We had a great turnout today with 15 players (5 of them were newbies).  Everyone had great fun.  We hope everyone will show up again on Friday it should be an excellent practice.  Next wednesday FOX 35 will be filming  so make sure you plan on playing next week.

4th of July Party and more

                                  We had a great practice Wednesday evening.  We were very happy to have Tim from theWest Palm Beach team join us.   There is a big swim meet...

Atlantic Coast Championships right around the corner.

Our team is hosting the ACCs the 13th and 14th of next month.  Make sure you contact Samantha Huss if you are planning on playing and or volunteering by wednesday April 3rd.  Also remember you must register with USA underwater hockey to participate online membership...

new team photo!

Here's our new team photo!. We still have 2 more practices this year the 26th and 28th.  Hope to see everyone there.